Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Year Resolutions

(07-01-2009) new year resolutions.

[Statutory Warning: i am just following a tradition and have absolutely no intention of following any of them.] So here goes:

1. Stop sleeping in office: Now that's easy. Pull out the air condition plug. no AC - hard to sleep. Last year my boss fell asleep trying to wake me up. It affects work - I mean his work.

2. Save money: Last week I opened my 6th bank account - and quickly withdrew all the money so it shows the same balance as the other five - zero.By the end of this year i'm going to have 6-digit figures in all of them.(This one has been on my list for the past 6 years)

3. Wear clean clothes: Since i'm a very, very handsome guy (naturally) a lot of people have commented on my dislike of personal hygiene. This year i'll wear only washed, ironed clothes - only branded ones (no more 3 shirts for Rs. 50).

4. Say "sorry": Learn to apologise. I mean, at present also I use the word but then i trip him down the stairs and then say sorry again. its more fun that way. (also take down their photos from the dart board).

5. Stop partying: that's the hardest one. i'm not going to any more rave, booze, beer, etc parties. I find that whenever i have a beer my bike also goes and gets drunk and it keeps falling down all the way home. I think if i quit maybe my bike will also quit.

There are plenty more to add but i guess thinking about these should keep me busy till December!!

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  1. haaa haaa you and clean??? haa haa haaa kaa kaaa haaa

    oh I already told you that?