Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gays and Lesbians Are Human Too


“When two men lie together in lust, it is over indulgence. But when two men lie together in purity, they can perform wonders.” – Aristotle

The verdict by the Delhi High Court legalizing gay marriages is late by atleast half a century. Homosexuals have a right to live as any other human beings. That their sexual orientation is not ‘straight’ doesn’t mean they are criminals or sick. Just like any other couple, gay or lesbian couples base their relation not on sex, but on love. And love is never a crime. We have to recognize that this verdict doesn’t legalize child molestation and will not lead an increase in the number of sexual predators or pedophiles.We can also sincerely hope that such verdicts will help to bring the plight of sexual minorities (transsexuals) into the limelight and help them integrate into the mainstream society.

And most importantly this verdict is a slap in the face for the so-called custodians of the ‘great Indian culture’, whose sense of pseudo-morality and hypocrisy leads them to attack anyone who doesn’t conform to their code of behavior. Any man or woman who is of legal age can decide who he/she wants to love or marry. This is a great victory

for everyone who believes in the individual freedom of human beings,

for everyone who believes that our country must not be governed by pre –colonial era laws, and

for everyone who believes in true love, that transcends gender, colour, caste or religion.

This is a great victory for our country.

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