Sunday, August 9, 2009

Believe Me - I Am Just An Ordinary Guy


I am a guy with long hair. I have been growing it for almost 2 years now. Do you know why I started it? For absolutely no reason! One fine day I just thought I am no longer going to cut it. That’s all.

What followed has been horrible. Jesus! All the accusations I had to bear. All the torturous questions. Comments. Ridiculing. Suspicions.

Mothers of friends no longer let me into their homes. Hell! Even my own mother refuses to let me in.

People classify me according to their own likes – artist, musician, poet, budhijeevi (jada), criminal, drug addict, womanizer and what not.

People! People! I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am just an ordinary guy. An ordinary, boring guy.

Long-haired guys have been too much stereotyped and victimized. So next time you see a long-haired guy, please please, don’t admire, suspect, or turn your back on him right away.

He might just happen to be an ordinary guy like you.

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