Sunday, August 9, 2009

Equality Before Security


Uproar has been created in the country over the issue of our dear former President APJ Abdul Kalam being frisked by the security staff of a foreign airline company at Delhi. At first my blood boiled too thinking of the arrogance of these stupid foreigners who don’t know how to behave to Indian people, disrespecting our leaders. Our dear Kalamji did not make any fuss at all as expected, being the good man he is, and refused to involve in any controversies.

But, on second thought, is there any wrong done here?

The government has issued a circular to airline companies stating who should be exempted from security checks. The list includes the President and former presidents along with the vice-presidents, the Prime Minister and all ministers and ministers of state; governors, chief ministers and deputy chief ministers of all states and union territories; Supreme Court justices and high court chief justices; cabinet secretary and chiefs of staff of the armed forces; and all members of the Sonia Gandhi family.

The Sonia Gandhi family?

Priyanka Gandhi – I can understand. She is our future Prime Minister, no doubt. And a very beautiful lady. But her husband Robert Vadhera too? I like Priyanka very much. She is very beautiful, almost just like her grandmother. As a patriotic Indian I wouldn’t let a foreigner security guard lay one hand on her. (By the way, did I mention how beautiful she is?) But her husband? I don’t know if he should be in the list.

Anyway the fact is both India and the US are facing severe terrorist threats. The US has succeeded in preventing further attacks after 9/11. But we in India have repeatedly failed in it. We had Kandahar, then again the Parliament attack, and then again still the more terrifying Bombay attack.

Are we giving undue respect to top politicians and bureaucrats? I think the answer is YES. President or Prime minister, Judge or army commander – if the common man has to suffer something, then they have to suffer it too. Whether it be security checks or standing in queues or waiting for the traffic signal.

Yes, I understand the security threat and Z category protection and all. But it is upto the leaders of this country to realize that the laws that they make and use to rule have to apply to everyone equally, including themselves.

If it is a matter of security to the nation – then there has to be no exceptions

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