Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amen Pope! But I think I’ll buy a condom anyway


The Pope has raised a furore by proclaiming that people should not use condoms. This is nothing new. The Vatican’s stated policy has always been against any form of birth control, since they believe that it is god who gives us children (pregnancy) so only he can decide who should get pregnant when and where.

The Pope’s comments have drawn angry reactions from health workers and governments who denounce it as irresponsible. Especially anti-AIDS workers say that it has been proved scientifically that the use of condoms help to prevent AIDS from spreading to a great extent. When the Pope, who is the Roman Catholic guy closest to a Roman Catholic god, makes a proclamation it could have far-reaching consequences.

Well at least I’m glad it was the Pope, not the head of any other religious sect like the Ayatollah Khomeini or the VHP chief, because any protest against their remarks would invite violent reactions. To tell the truth most of the Catholics I know go to church every Sunday but hardly care what is being preached. What they need to know about their faith is in the Bible and that is all that matters.

So anyway the condom companies need not panic or give away free condoms as everything will go on as before.

But seriously I think we should respect science as much as we respect religion. And I think we should not wait until Judgment Day to vote on whether what the Pope said was right. Lets say it now, with respect: “Amen Pope! But I think I’ll buy a condom anyway.”

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