Sunday, August 9, 2009

Glad to See Everyone is Toeing the Line


I have read many blogposts regarding CPI(M) issues and Lavalin. And glad to see everything is as expected.

Journalists, veteran or novices, are expected to portray Vijayan (Pinarayi Vijayan ) as corrupted because that is the norm. As far as i have heard more than the reports that have come in the papers or channels, my journalism teachers including, say that he is actually innocent. But the fashion is to say that he is corrupted.

Otherwise it means that we are part of a communist conspiracy. Half the people doesn't even know the facts of the real case. But it is fashionable to say that this man is corrupted. So everyone - toe the line - tries to be fashionable by saying that Pinarayi is corrupted; but stay way from real debates because then you may not have anything true to say.

So if you are a 'true' journalist read Mathrubhumi and Manorama and believe them. For me. i will take a risk and not believe them. Even if 99% of the media people say so, i don't care. I will make my own inferences after finding out the facts. I am no one's dog. And i don't need to believe the false truths.

So all the trainee journalists who read Manorama and watch India Vision and think that is the real world, i don't argue. But just please keep your eyes (and mind) open.

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