Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wayanadu – brilliant political move by CPI (M)

The latest struggle by Adivasis for the land held by Shreyamskumar and George Pothan is the result of a brilliant tactical move by the CPI (M). M P Veerendrakumar should have been expecting this since after being with them for so long he should know that CPI (M) never forgives its enemies.

M P VeerendraKumar though his books and speeches gives out the image of someone who loves nature. As far as we know a good part of the land in Wayandu district belongs to him and his family. And his friends. Even the opposition leaders are finding it extremely hard to protect his interests since it was Oomen Chandy himself who first spoke out about the encroachment by Veerendra Kumar some years back when he was with the Left.

Even Mathrubhumi has utterly failed to in its attempt to malign the CPI (M) in this matter. Even though they have now dedicated an entire page with rants against the ‘encroachment’ by CPI (M) led Adivasis on the ‘encroached’ land, these outbursts of protest are by leaders of small parties, mostly JanataDal, within the UDF. No major literary or cultural figures have come out in support of Veerendra Kumar.

CPI(M) already has the upper hand in this political labyrinth. This battle is political, no doubt about it. Either way it is a win –win for CPI(M). If the courts decide against Veerendra Kumar hundreds of Adivasi families will get land. Even if it ends otherwise CPI (M) has already wreaked enough damage to Veeran’s reputation.

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