Thursday, February 25, 2010

Agasthyarkoodam Trip - Part VII

Finally we reach the top of the summit after a three hour walk and lie down on the rocks with joy and exhaustion. However we are forced to jump up in less than a minute as the cold wind gets us shivering. We are disappointed to find that we cannot observe the majestic sights from the top as we are covered in mist. However we cannot help feeling that we are among clouds and the wind threatens to sweep us off our feet into the heavens itself.

At the top there is an idol of Agasthya muni where pilgrims make their offering. Small trees surround this statue and not surprisingly it is less windy here and therefore less cold too. All of us huddle together in this place to keep ourselves warm while other groups make their offerings and perform pooja. We are told that on clear days we can see three dams from the top. We wait for one hour braving the cold even after other groups have started their descent in the hope that the fog will clear and we can take in the view. However this proves futile as the wind and mist only seem to get stronger.

So after spending one hour on the top we start our downward trek which turns out to be even more dangerous than the upward one. Now the winds are blowing against us and we can’t even stand up straight or the wind will bowl us over. So most of the group sit and crawl through the rocky part. But once we pass AC Vanam and Ponkalapara most of the downward journey becomes smooth and we reach back at Athirupara at around 1: 30 PM.

(To be continued...)


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