Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greatest discovery of the century in the Antarctic – 100 year old whiskey

We usually find ice in whiskey. But this time whiskey has been found in ice.

One of the greatest re-discoveries of the 21st century was made in the Antarctic this year when 5 crates containing whiskey was recovered after lying for more than 100 years in the ice.

They belonged to the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton who attempted to be the first person to reach South Pole in 1908. Due to hazardous conditions the trip would not be successful although he became the man to come closest to the South Pole at that time.

The crates containing the whiskey were found buried beneath Shackleton’s Antarctic hut where his expedition team was forced to leave behind supplies. According to the researchers who found the crates they are confident the liquor is intact inside as liquid could be heard when the crates were moved. It is believed the crates contain Mackinlay’s whiskey and according to the company this discovery may open a door into history since the original recipe no longer exists – “a gift from heaven for whiskey lovers.”

So here’s a toast to the bravery of men like Shackleton who journeyed into uncharted lands in the most hazardous conditions armed with nothing but strength of mind and whiskey – Cheers!

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