Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Story Forgotten

One day, in a village where everyone forgot everything, a young man was walking through a lane whose name he had forgotten, to a place he had forgotten. He had forgotten how to reach there. In his hand he held a piece of paper. He had forgotten what was written in the piece of paper. It was to be delivered to someone, but to whom he had forgotten. He couldn't remember whether he had written it himself or was it delivered to him. The young man was being followed by two people who had forgotten why they were following him. Upon realizing he was being followed, he turned a corner and entered a park. He saw three people sitting in the grass - a young woman with an old couple. Seeing her he threw the piece of paper behind her and walked ahead. But when he took a few steps he forgot he had thrown it away. Since he had already forgotten where he was going or why, he stood there perplexed trying to think why he was there. The two men who were following him forgot they were following him and walked right past him. He also did not identify them since he had forgotten them. The young woman, who had forgotten why she was sitting in the park, had seen him throw the piece of paper. She picked it up and she read it. She immediately got up and walked towards him. By then she had forgotten the old couple. She forgot what was written in the paper. She forgot what she came to say to him. She looked at him and he looked at her and they forgot everything else for the rest of their lives. 

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