Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The internet is making me stupid

Everyday I wake up with this prayer:

“Dear Google God…grant me the serenity to accept the fact that all url’s don’t work; the courage to keep browsing through even more websites; and the wisdom to save money for paying the internet bill. “

A few years ago my life changed forever when I discovered google god within my system. All the wealth of knowledge of the entire universe at my fingertips with the click of a mouse. I slowly became addicted to the world wide web. I had to check my mail everyday. I had more than 15 blogs at the same time on different topics – some didn’t even have a topic. Friends came to with all sorts of doubts because I was the one who could find any answer. Thanks to the internet, of course.

But now I have begun doubting myself. Is the internet really making me more intelligent?

I spend a long time in front of the computer. I don’t go to movies. I download and watch it from the net. I am losing my interest in going out and meeting new people. Instead I send out friend requests through social networking sites.

Now if I have to do a simple math like 25 x 5, I click “start”, “run” and “calc”. It won’t be much longer before I require a calculator to do 2 + 2.

I have become confused about the spelling of a lot of words. The net corrects them for me so I don’t bother about the correct spellings or grammar. And to think I used to insist on correct grammar even while chatting with friends.

Forgot where the library was. Never goes there anymore. Download the books I need – including the entire Harry Potter series. I miss the smell of books – both the new and dusty ones :( (oh yea – another one is the overuse of smileys).

And more importantly am I losing my perceptibility? Can I distinguish what is true and what is not in the answers I find? Everything I read in the net is infused with viewpoints that clearly outline a hidden propaganda. Or am I just being paranoid?

I don’t know. I feel the internet is making me stupid and impotent – changing me from a real person to just another user profile.


  1. The dominance of internet and machines over the humans has made them very lazy. They used their brains and created machines and now machines use the brains and humans sit idle. Technology is easing the things but at the same time, it is causing people becoming lazy and dumb.

    You have depicted this theme in a very good way. Language is perfect as always and 8/10. ;) We should always give the chances for people to grow. A 10/10 will make you lazy. :)

  2. @ abhi - hehe...i agree. i am perfectly content with the 8 ( i can't afford to be lazy!) ;)