Friday, June 11, 2010

I am one of them

I need to make a confession. And today is the day I have got to do it. I need to come out of the closet and reveal to the world who I truly am.

No more whisperings. No more lame excuses for suspicious behavior. I can’t bear it any more. I know it will hurt my family, some of my friends or even my career prospects.

I am one of them.

How or when I became so I don’t remember. I have been that way as long as I can remember. Maybe it ran in some of my family. Maybe my friends when I was small. But I am not afraid any longer. Today I have come out to proclaim to the world – you can humiliate me, isolate me or curse me for being one of them.

But I shall remain firm. My loyalty shall not change. And I shall believe till the end – “FOOTBALL IS THE GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD”

Yes. I am one of those raging football lunatics. One of those who leave everything behind to watch the World Cup. Family, job – even parties.

Ballack is the tragic hero of this world cup. Oliver Kahn shall always remain an idol. Never liked Ronaldo much. Maradona personifies me. Baggio broke my heart. Wept for Escobar. Secretly admired Zidane and Beckham. Believes Rooney is a goon. Messi is a magician. My team is Germany. And I support the football hooligans. As someone famously remarked – “It is the closest thing we have to war”.

Yes… I am one of them.

From today don’t talk to me if it isn’t about football. Don’t invite me to parties where there is no big screen. Don’t expect me to write anything else other than about football.

So this time for Africa- WAKA WAKA !!


  1. Waka Waka this time for Africa... all roads lead to SA and all eyes hooked onto one ball n eleven boots... I agree completely that nothing like this... it's euphoria... football has the power to mesmerize all, even the ones like me who don't know the basics of the game... so enjoy... your words r brimming with the excitement... looking forward to more posts...

  2. @Surya - its true...all eyes are hooked on to one ball. and excited i am and i share it with the whole world :)

  3. good one boss!, was wondering what you are writing about. :)

  4. @abhi hehe. that was the idea ;)