Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Lap Question!

Me n Ben find each other in the internet late into the night. I’m pretty much still exploring my new laptop while he is chatting with his soon wife-to -be girl. The conversation runs somewhat like this:

Ben: thats the problem when you get a new lap or a new wife…

DS: hahaha

Ben: both never lets you sleep…

DS: wish one could replace the other

Ben: may you get your replacement soon… hopefully…

DS: ha! naah… i'm happy with the present one

Ben: but the question is… what you will take in your lap, when both are around…

DS: hehe… i hope the wife keeps the lap in her lap when she is sitting in my lap

Ben: and then comes the real question… who gets whose attention..

DS: hmm… if she's talking too much i'd like her to concentrate on THE lap rather than MY lap

Ben: either the way you won't be attending to any of it… the one in your lap or the one in the lap of
your lap..

DS: ahh the irony... better buy a lapdog

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