Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar - truly epic experience

Finally…Avatar was released on December 18th all over the world. I had to wait for two days to get the ticket. But in the end I believe the wait was worthwhile after all. Mesmerising 3-D effects, breath-taking special effects, wonderful characterisation and most important of all (surprisingly) great story.

Was all the hype justified? Almost you could say. However I felt that that the 3-d effect only managed to take away the spotlight from the story. I was truly surprised by the anti-imperialistic message of the movie. Not something you expect from a Hollywood movie – certainly not a big budget one like this.

The story wasn’t one that was unique – but had an epic quality to it. It has parallels in many classic movies, especially one of my all-time favourites “Dancing with the Wolves”. But James Cameron has certainly managed to infuse new life and dimensions to a story that is so much relevant in today’s world – that of an indigenous population being forced to relocate or become refugees under the threat of force in the name of development.

The action scenes were superb. And the audience were so sympathetic to the Na'vi, the sentient humanoid indigenous inhabitants of Pandora (a fictional planet) in their fight against the (naturally) American armed forces who use lethal weapons to safeguard the interests of the Military Industry Complex trying to exploit Pandora’s reserves of a fictional mineral called ‘unobtainium’.

All in all I would give 9 out of 10 for Avatar more for the message and the story telling rather than the 3-D gizmo because this is one movie that has an epic quality about it even without the (truly superb) special effects.


  1. ahh so that was the story :D
    I fell in love with the forest - err Pandora I mean. Sigh. Who cares if you are a humanoid or human-void if you could live in such a place.

    By the way you tried for 2 days?? Hmph! It was me who got you the tickets! And no nandri!

  2. @Cris

    true! true! about the forest as well as you getting me the tickets :)

    nandri nandri romba nandri for dragging me to a wonderful experience!!

  3. @Arun

    thanks bro! keep helping me by posting comments

  4. How many blogs do u have.... I found the Reflections by Don also... Every sentence has a dual is it possible to think like that....

  5. @ Arun

    I hope that is a compliment ... hehe

    i am just trying my hand at creative writing - 2-liner poems.

  6. Shall we hope to see another Shakespeare of the 21st century...

    No joking... its a gift..

  7. Nice review Don bhai...

    That was a good one. I plan to see it today. I hope the 3D effects wont be as expected but worth an entertainment.

    I decided to see it as you gave a rating of 9 out of 10.

    Keep posting daily or say in continous frequency, atleast people can track posts from a great writer. :)

  8. @abhi

    thanks abhi...i will do my best to shake off my laziness and be more regular :D