Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank you Mr. Tharoor – for proving I was right about you

Our dear Minister of State for External Affairs Sasi Tharoor had won the last election by a majority of around 1 lakh votes from Trivandrum - the capital of the most literate state in the country. I personally know a few friends who enthusiastically voted for him saying that he was just what the country needed. I am sure all my lady friends out there must be surely thrilled now to hear him call them “hey my little cow!”

This is what he said when in his twitter message he said that he would travel in “cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows” clearly targeting the publicity stunts of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi (the holy cows) who opted to travel in economy class and trains in an austerity drive along with the poor common man (clearly - ‘the cattle’). I had wondered if I was wrong, when some time ago before the elections, he had stopped the Indian national anthem in between to proclaim that instead of standing in attention we should place our right hands on our hearts – because that was how the ‘civilized’ Americans did it. Was I wrong when I thought this was one man who would be a blind slave to the American capitalist thought process rather than Indian culture and tradition? I guess not. And again last week when it was discovered he was residing in the 5-star Taj Hotel in New Delhi, citing some repair works going on in the Government Bungalow allotted to him – for the past three months. And the daily rent was only about Rs, 30,000 a day – excluding food and beverages.

Of course he said he paid it from his pocket– which brings us back to the accusations raised by the old evil Communists that he was a binami business partner in some companies in the country.

Really Mr. Tharoor – you almost had us fooled. You could write a second part to your best – seller “the Great Indian Novel” – “The Great Indian Politician”. What would you not do to fool us – the cattle? The poor cows and black buffaloes and, of course, all the donkeys who voted for you.

But thanks again Mr. Tharoor. I was just starting to wonder if my prejudice against you had been just the traditional skepticism of the middle class- Keralite, who opposed every new change in the system. You proved me wrong. You are what I believed you are – a pathetic fame-seeker, born literally with a silver-spoon in your mouth, and thinking you – of all the people - would do anything to alleviate the sufferings of millions of poor people in this country could only be the dream of the worst fools.


  1. I Totally agree with you. As you said when he got elected, I was one of those who was so happy thinking "yes we need people like him who look after our country, who value our traditions and cultures, moreover respect every one regardless of caste and money. )Now I know it was for the best that he wasn't elected as the UN secretory General. Otherwise All poor coutries would have suffered).

    I was disappointed to read about his 5 star stay and on top of that his comment about the economy class. What he think of himself. He may be rich, well educated. talented. But he should be humble enough not to take it all granted. Thousands of moddle class Indians who work abroad use the economy class and if he call them as "cattle" then he is no longer eligible to be named as a public servant. And who gave him authority to change the way we stand in our National Anthem. If he got problem with it , well he should not live here in India and should not adress himself as an Indian. I feel that he is a shame to all MAlayalees now. There were days when I was pround of him , now that he started to show his real personality - well its a lesson for us who elected him.
    If he got such a majority well all the cattles from Kerala voted for him.
    I hope Congress will take it serious and act on it. Otherwise as always " public is just donkeys and cattles"

  2. Yes, you are absolutely correct,
    Mr. Tharoor is more than you expect,
    his attitude to India and its people is more sarcastic than most americans
    nurse to us.

    He should immediately be removed
    from the temple of our democracy,
    not from the council of ministers alone.

  3. I definitely dont agree with you ,this is twisting words of the best kind which we mallus are known for ,
    let us look at what sasi tharoor said ,he said he would abide by the descison to respect the holy cows as ordered by his party ,the cattle class label was from the question directed at him ,what is wrong in ridiculing the holy cows of the congress and similar ploitical parites of india of which he unfortunately and willingly became a part of ,they are number one hypocrites and all this is for you and me ,but of course our aam janata specially kerala janatha only need the right words no problems when the same politician who travels cattle class for appearance sake goes on swindling public money as many of them do ,we dont utter a word about obvious cheating corruption that is done by our politicians we dont talk about those destroying our country and its visions for thier selfish reasons but we want to remove someone who cud be sincer and make a difference by his answer toa leading queastion which we cant even comprehend sorry for you mallus

  4. Coincidentally I had blogged on almost the same subject yesterday.I beg to differ with your views though. His stay in 5 star hotels, his misplaced cattle class humor, his other alleged follies only prove that he's an inexperienced politician who doesn't know how to manage his image, or that he doesn't care about it - nothing else. As long as he produces results with the duties he has been entrusted with, I don't think we should get carried away by these aberrations. And for him to produce results, let's give him some time.